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How to Access the JIAS and BIAS online (for members only!):

1. If you have not activated your account on the IAS (international) website, follow these steps first

  • Click here:
  • Then click on the 'forgot your password' link at the bottom.
  • Enter your email address at which you are receiving IAS-NAB email and click submit.
  • You'll then receive your log in details by email [your user ID (different from your email address!) and your temporary password] enter those on the membership page (via the link in 1. above). You can change the password that’s been initially allocated to you by using the links on the Edit Profile section of the website, once you have logged in for the first time.
  • Keep these safe for future logins! (as I cannot change your password for you if you forget it).
  • If you have trouble with this, please email Bonnie Millar at the University of Nottingham:
  • Once you have your log in, you will be able to access the membership area, discuss topics in the forum, read our publications and search for contact details of other members - all in a secure, password-protected area.
  • Follow instructions in 2 below to continue. 

2. If you already activated your account on the IAS (international) website, follow these steps

  • Click here:
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Once you are logged in your profile page appears. 
  • At the very top menu in the gray section you will see a link to Member publications. Click on that. 
  • On the next page click on either the access to JIAS or BIAS and that will take you directly to the deGruyter page for IAS members only, where you can either view or download individual articles or the entire issue.

3. Accessing the BIAS database (not the previously printed BIAS issues!): go to 

Photo credits: The Battle Between Arnault de Lorraine and His Wife Lydia (Excerpt), written 1463 - 1465; illuminated 1467 - 1472, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, Ms. Ludwig XIII 6, leaf 11. Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.

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