In Memoriam

Roger Simpson (1938-2022)

A member of the British Branch of the IAS, but a friend to many in the NAB. Please read the obituary written by Alan Lupack, Barbara Tepa Lupack and Kevin J. Harty.

Ian Lovecy (1947-2022)

A member of the British Branch of the IAS, but a friend to many in the NAB. Please read the obituary written by Peter Field.


Douglas Kelly (July 17, 1934 - March 21, 2022)

Photo: Private photo submitted by Norris J. Lacy, taken in 1994 or 1995.

The following email was sent to the membership on March 21, 2022:

Dear Fellow Arthurians,


It is with a sad heart that I write to tell those of you who have not yet heard of the passing earlier today, March 21st, of our distinguished colleague Douglas Kelly.


As most Arthurian scholars and many others recognize, Douglas, who was the Julian Harris Professor (Emeritus) of French and Medieval Studies at the University of Wisconsin, was one of the true giants of our profession. His numerous publications, the result of penetrating intelligence, broad knowledge, and scrupulous attention to detail, treated problems in the Roman de la Rose, in Chrétien de Troyes, in Christine de Pisan, and others. His crowning scholarly achievement, however, must be his masterly The Art of Medieval French Romance and other volumes that taught us how better to read and understand medieval narratives. No less remarkable were his personal qualities: his devotion to his former students, whom he mentored unstintingly, and to several generations of scholars in the US and abroad, who are indebted to his work and to his collegial spirit.


The branch will publish a full necrology in due course. And as we become aware of details about events marking his life and passing, we will post those in the In Memoriam section of the branch website.




Joe Sullivan

President, IAS-NAB

Obituary written by Keith Busby (forthcoming in JIAS 2022 & Arthuriana 32.2)

There will be a celebration of Douglas’s life on May 8, from 1-4pm, in the Memorial Union, University of Wisconsin. His and/or Sandra’s friends are cordially invited. 

Geoffrey Ashe (died February 2, 2022)

Photo: Private photo submitted by Barbara D. Miller, taken at Glastonbury Abbey during an IAS Congress Excursion, July 2011.

This email was sent out by Joe Sullivan about the death of Geoffrey Ashe.

"We regret to inform you of the passing of Geoffrey Ashe. Best known for his scholarship on the historical Arthur, Ashe, a member of the British branch, was 99 when he died on 30 January. His funeral will be celebrated on 17 February in Glastonbury." - Joseph M. Sullivan, President of the IAS-NAB

As we get more details and information about honoring Geoffrey Ashe's legacy, we will update this page, but it was at the request of his wife Patricia, that we informed the membership immediately with what little we know at this time. 

Norris J. Lacy, "Eminent Arthurian: Geoffrey Ashe" Arthuriana 23:4 (2013): 4-5. [Article shared here by permission of the General Editor of Arthuriana.]  

Fiona Tolhurst (1968 - 2021)

Photo: Private photo submitted by David F. Johnson, taken in Würzburg, Germany during the IAS Congress, July 2017.

Obituary written by K.S. Whetter (forthcoming in JIAS 2022 & Arthuriana 32.2)

For more on Fiona Tolhurst

Barbara Nelson Sargent-Bauer (1928-2020): obituary written by Alison Stones & published in JIAS (2020): 8.1., 155-156.

Dhira Mahoney (1938-2019): obituary written by Anita Obermeier and Georgiana Donavin & published in JIAS (2020): 8.1., 150-151.

Sue Ellen Holbrook (1941-2017): obituary written by Michael W. Twomey, Bonnie Wheeler and Kevin S. Whetter & published in JIAS (2019): 7.1., 170-172.

Carleton W. Carrol (1939-2016): obituary written by Michelle Szkilnik & published in JIAS (2016): 4.1., 174-176. 

Jeremy duQuesnay Adams (1933-2016): obituary written by Christopher A. Snyder & published in Arthuriana (2016): 26:3., 144-145. 

Muriel Whitacker (1923-2016): obituary written by Raymond H. Thompson & published in JIAS (2020): 8.1., 157-158. 

Michael Salda (1958-2015): obituary written by Kevin J. Harty & published in Arthuriana (2018): 28:1., 69-70. 

To access obituaries published in JIAS, please use your member credentials to access those issues. 

PDF files of obituaries published in Arthuriana were graciously provided  by Dorrie Armstrong (editor). 

Photo credits: The Battle Between Arnault de Lorraine and His Wife Lydia (Excerpt), written 1463 - 1465; illuminated 1467 - 1472, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, Ms. Ludwig XIII 6, leaf 11. Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.

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